With wide digitalization of economy, ubiquity and growing impact of information, and with rapid proliferation of threats and vulnerabilities, protection and security of information has assumed supreme significance.

Training by our Certified and well-experienced trainers includes courses that cover Information Security principles, governance, application security, OWASP threats and countermeasures, SSL/TLS, cyber attack fundamentals, security testing fundamentals, tools such as Nessus, ZAP, threat modeling, DREAD, Viruses, worms, trojan, Mobile Security, API security, Data Classification, secure SDLC, Live Demo etc. 

Cyber Security Bootcamp is one of the most useful and comprehensive cyber security essentials course that will help professionals as well as engineering graduates with IT background, to establish their credentials as a security professional. It will assist the security practitioners to equip themselves with the knowledge and understanding of latest cyber threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures so that they excel in their role as part of an information security team.